Preposisjoner (Innvikling), 2021

Destiny’s Atelier, Oslo

A science (fiction) (anti-) comedy in some shapeable sum of its parts, based on a binged selection of conveyed ideas in circulation about the particular and the fluid, the immediate and the preconceived, 1s and 0s, lines in-between, big and small, any thing, as in all there is, like folds in a borderless grid or grids across a boundless fold, or I mean... who knows

Innvikling (120 - 16:9), 2021
1-channel video-loop, 31 min.

, 2021
1-channel video-loop, 16 min.
w/ Viktor Pedersen as Akin and Jørgen Wiig Salvesen as Man on the phone

Espevær, 1992
Found family album photograph

Preposisjoner (Sakrosankt), 2021

Multimedia installation: Wooden patio floor, video loop and transcribed text on mobile phones,  hidden sound score, found objects, soil.

Kunstdok/Istvan Virag

Whatever (Superhop), 2019

Livestream video performance event

Å sus og visjoner, 2019
Inkjet archival print, 165 x 110 cm.

Untitled (To be rebel), 2018

Multimedia installation: Spatial construction, photographic prints on canvas, film screening on wall, video loop on LCD-screens, personal notebook.

Kunstdok/Istvan Virag

Dakhla, Western-Sahara/Morocco, 2014

Smara, Western-Sahara/Morocco, 2014